Staying Negative

Sheep by Tracey Rediker Photograph RedLincArt

Giving up makes me do better.

There is this thought process that people keep feeding to me; If you try hard and stay positive you will make things happen. It has been said to me enough times that I started to believe it must be true.

But what if it isn’t true. Not everyone derives pleasure from the same things, one must assume that not every work strategy will create success.

Anecdotal evidence is my least favorite. I hate when someone tells me a story how something completely unproven worked in their favor and I should try it. Give me numbers, show me a formula, present research. And on that note, here is my own experience.

Last year, as in the several years before, I have been building a business from home. For a few years I was doing better with each progressive year. Then my mom died and I had a slightly less successful year. I thought I understood what happened, I stopped working as hard and made less money. But then the next year was worse than the last, 3 years in a row. When I was on my way up, It was because I was niching down and listening to myself alone on what worked. When I started taking advice and spending money on things that were outside my comfort zone, the dollars went down. I really cared and tried really hard to put a positive spin on everything. That time I spent money on a life coach, that time I hired a web designer, that big event that I got a booth at, all those networking groups. All were expensive and did not put one extra penny in my pocket.

So a few weeks ago I gave up. I decided that I was going to go back to concentrating on what I know works and let the rest go. I will not reading one single thing on how to improve my business. I would not change what I make to please people who are not my customers. And guess what, I am already seeing a difference.

I haven’t run the numbers yet but I feel better and that is the point. When an order comes in I am pleasantly surprised instead of upset that there are not more. I am happy to make changes instead of frustrated that I can’t anticipate my customer’s needs. I am not overwhelmed by the tasks that running my own business requires.

Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. A need, above all else, to make my business dream come true. And that is ok I guess. But so far, it is in fact not trying as hard that makes me feel like a success.


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