Taking it back

Twisted by Tracey Rediker original photograph RedLincArt

I want to address the statement I made yesterday about giving up.

Once I wrote it down and had a chance to think about it, I must say that it was wrong. I made a lot of mistakes with my business the last few years, most of them were in how I spent my time and money. I have this tendency to do one of two things, either gestate a plan so long that it becomes too large and overly complex for me to ever see it through, or jump right into an idea that is exciting but poorly thought out.

I do have a third way, however, that is the only one that works for me. It is tiny changes that happen over time. Many of them are suggestions of customers. Some of them are things I notice and like from other businesses. They are never phoney or complicated and often don’t cost very much.

I did not give up, I merely took a step back and made my goal more attainable. No shame in that.


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