The Cold Knitter

Original Photograph by Tracey Rediker RedLincArt

It’s a cold Monday morning. The house is quiet. This is the time of day when I start thinking about all the things that need to get done. All I want to accomplish is warming up my toes.

I have been knitting for 10 years now. Winter is my time of year, or at least that is what most people would assume. Of course I have to be different. I knit professionally an item that is used dominantly in the summer: Golf Club Covers. This means that on a cold day like today I don’t have a stash of lovingly hand knit sweaters to throw on. I do have a few pairs of wool socks and scarves. Hardly the collection of someone who has knit for this long.

So here I sit, with frozen toes, being mad that I haven’t taken the time to knit things for myself. Feeling like a fool for forgetting.

Of course, like any good mom, I did remind my children to grab their hats and mittens before heading to school. They have winter woolies that they won’t wear while I am left without. Sigh.


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