Morning Inspiration

Bricks by Tracey Rediker Original Photograph RedLincArt

The stupidest thing I do in the morning is go on facebook. I should cut that out. I wake up feeling all logical and ready to take on the world with a clear and focused head, then I go and read stupid things that stupid people post.

I am as guilty of it as anyone, I “like” things and they end up in the feeds of my friends and family. I don’t intend to share them, it’s that damn algorithm. Of course there are things that I very specifically share that I know are rubbing some who read it the wrong way.

There is a false closeness that is created on facebook. These people are my “friends”. We can engage in conversation at our convenience. I can watch children grow up and follow family on vacation. I feel first to know about tragedies and celebrations. It fills that loneliness I complain about.

HOWEVER, if I see another damn minion meme in my lifetime… I will not “like” this because I love my son… “inspirational” words in calligraphy make me want to start a fight… remembering that thing from the 80’s just makes me feel old… you are nothing like that thing that that generator told you…

So I have to make a choice, do I continue to torture myself with the things I don’t like to get the ones I do? The problem with Facebook is the less often you check in, the less of the nice things you see. When I go on a few times a day I can be sure to celebrate your child’s birthday, but wait just a few extra hours and I will never see those pictures.

I think I am just going to try and postpone when I first go on in the morning, maybe wait until lunch time. Let’s see if that will help with that careful balance I need.


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