Happiness is Boring

It’s funny, when I am in a good mood I have no interest in writing. So I guess what I am saying is that I am in a good mood.

What often comes with being in a good mood is boredom. I wonder why those two things go together. When I am down I get up and go through the motions. I will knit, do errands, whatever and never feel like any of it mattered. When I am up I want to do things but can’t seem to get started or stay on track. It’s frustrating.

The good news is I am fully in a good mood. I am all set to get out and get things done, but what? It’s 7:30 am and I am already on my second load of laundry. I have no orders to work on and I don’t have to be at my job until 4:30 pm. The kids gave me a couple of items they would like me to pick up but it is too early to go shopping.

Enjoying time off is not an option, that is not a thing I can do. Sitting quietly and reading or lounging by the beach are good for maybe an hour before I want to tear my hair out. Even knitting is too sedentary and I get little done. So the question is, do I dislike being in a good mood?

I think I might dislike it. I love waking up to a new day with a positive outlook but I hate that I am chasing my tail looking for things to fill it. Why can’t I just enjoy the moment? I suck so bad.


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