Are You Knitworthy?

There is a theory in the knitting community that debates the worth of the person who is to receive the efforts of our labor. The term “Knitworthy” floats around most often at Christmas time, when gifts are planned and hopefully appreciated.

I have had to go through this just like all my fellow makers. Will all the hard work and money be appreciated? Will it fit? Will it be their taste? It often leads to very little knitting for relatives and friends.

A few weeks before the inauguration, I found out about a group of women who were creating hats to visibly unite the marchers taking part in a march on Washington DC. They called it The Pussyhat Project. The website offered a free pattern for those who wanted to make them for themselves or make and gift to others. I made my own, shared the pattern, and offered to make them for my friends and family. Not a whisper.

Now, as you are aware, the Women’s March happened and the planet was covered in pink pointy-eared hats. The beanies made the cover of Time Magazine! Now all the requests come in. The question is, are they knitworthy?

I am going to knit these hats either way, but I am adding a catch. I will be asking the recipient to make a donation to charity. I won’t tell them which as there are so many worthy women’s issues. Will they wear the hat? Will wearing the hat matter as long as they made the donation? I am gonna say they are worthy to me.


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