Creating Drama

Original Graphite by Tracey Rediker Redlincart

Yesterday I made a social media mistake, I attempted to reach across the political aisle.

I, like many of my kind, have been living in fear from day to day of what the government is going to do next. It all feels like bad news. But maybe it wasn’t all bad news and I was just missing something due to my preconceptions. I decided to reach out to my more conservative facebook friends and see what changes they are happy about.

Boy did I step in it! I was not surprised who answered first. I have a very outspoken girlfriend who is excited about immigration reform. She explained why and I was glad that she contributed. But I am not sure my other friends understood what was going on. They jumped on her and tore apart her argument.

Another conservative friend read what was going on and posted that she felt this was not a safe space for her views. She was jumped on even more harshly.

While I will say I agree with the points my liberal friends made, I was frustrated to see this happen. How can we expect to make policies that help everyone when we are unwilling to even hear what they have to say?

What is our endgame? I think we all want the same thing: to live a happy life. How we accomplish that is where we disagree. I prefer to do things my way but that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t have a perfectly valid alternate way of getting there.

Then I got an email with some alt-right propaganda from a distant relative who totally misunderstood what happen. It was gross and I felt terrible that someone would feel that way. Does being fair and open minded make me a tool? I want equality for all but understand that change can be hard.

I think the term #checkyourprivilege would be the appropriate way to answer my own question. Must be nice to have the freedom to not live in fear right now.


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