The Stress of a Garage Sale

I come from a long line of pack rats. I usually refer to myself as a hoarder, but after watching that show I loathe to lump myself in with that level of a problem. I will freely admit though, I do have a problem. Luckily for me, I also have a big house with plenty of places to hide things. I have watched enough Hoarders to know that it can easily get out of control and needs to be dealt with before that happens. Ergo; yard sale.

Now don’t think just because I am willing to admit I have a problem that the process of putting together a yard sale is easy. I don’t even thing its easy for people that like this sort of thing. First one must collect enough stuff to make spending an entire weekend selling (or not selling) stuff in front of my house worth the time. Next one must find a spot to keep it in, in an organized way until such time as one is going to sell it. Then one must price all of these crazy items, most of which cost WAY more then anyone would ever pay you for them. Signs must be hung, stuff must be displayed, prayers must be sent to the gods of weather.

Today is the day before our yard sale. The garage is full of items that are ready to go, most of which I have no emotional attachment to. How did I collect so many things?  Some of it is new; things that I inherited or just finished with. Most of it I attribute to laziness; If I had just gotten it out of the house when the kids were done with it. All of it is overwhelming, especially to my husband who likes to call the junk hauling people to deal with these kinds of things.

I am trying not to work myself up with anxiety. Yes, this will take a lot of energy. I have to remember to lean on my friends and family and ask for help. Play music and don’t take it so seriously, have no expectations and every penny will be gravy. Is that what they call living in the moment? Maybe, but its not easy.



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