High School is the Worst

Like many people, I do not have fond memories of my high school experience, but if I was to tell you stories you would never know. I had a lunch crowd, I was a cheerleader, I was captain of the track team my senior year. I was miserable.

Why did this come up now? well, this weekend is my high school reunion. The posts are going around facebook and a few of my acquaintances are talking about it. One of the girls even posted for everyone to tag someone you want to go to the party in the alumni fanpage.

This last part is the catalyst for this post. I saw this note, a perfectly innocent message asking our class to spread the word to their high school friends, and took it as an opportunity to put people to the test. Don’t ask a question you already know the answer to if you don’t want to hear it. Someone I was friends with in high school would certainly tag me in this post, they want to see me. yeah, no. that is not how this works.

I am not “friends” with one person from high school. NOT ONE. Not because I don’t like them, I am not great at “friend” stuff so it takes a lot of work on their part to stay my friend. I understand and i’m not mad about it, just sad. I thought that one person would think about me and say, hey, remember that girl, she was pretty cool, I would like to catch up.

Last time we had our reunion I went. I walked in by myself, drank A LOT, and hung out with people that I was not that close with back in the day. I started talking to one person on a regular basis after, but that quickly fizzled. Again, it is tough to maintain a friendship with me.

I applaud the few long term friends I have for all their hard work. But that is the thing, I have friends. Good friends who are good people. I don’t need to have more friends that I see once every few years, its just nice to feel wanted, especially from a time in my life when I felt so left out.

So, this weekend, when they are all together, drinking and laughing, I will be at home with one of my close friends and my family. Maybe I will have a few drinks and tell them stories from high school.


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